Bartender’s Resources

Haven’t had enough of me going on and on? Follow the below links to keep the pain coming.

The world of mixing is a big place.  Find another friend for the journey.  Blogs better than mine in the below:

  • Cuts, Scratches, and Burns: A Harvard student’s foray into the Cordon Bleu culinary school, by Howard Kwok
  • Alcademics: Follow English Camper (that’s really his name, not a gamer tag) as he tours seminars, distilleries, and bars around the U.S.
  • The Jerry Thomas Project: By none other than Adam Elmegirab, of Dr. Elmegirab’s Boker Bitters fame.
  • Home Distiller: A comprehensive guide and insight into the art of distillation as experienced by Tony Ackland and his friends and compatriots
  • A Mountain of Crushed Ice:  Like rum? Not as much as Helena Tiare Olsen, who hails from probably the last place you’d expect to find a rum nut: Sweden
  • The Truth About Bartending:  Its not all glitz and glamour, and this nameless blogger has seen enough to dish out some real dirt in the industry.  I’m not a fan of his right wing leanings, but nobody’s perfect.
  • Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Got a hankering for some foams, gels, airs, spheres, and what-have-you? Pick up some tips from this useful guide.
  • Cocktail Professor:  I honestly don’t know who this guy is.  But his blog is damnably pretty, and he seems to have made his away around some of the best bars in the world, and offer bar consultancy.  Seems legit enough to me.

If you’ve got to make a drink, make it with the right tools.  Equip yourself from these site.

  • Golden Age Bartending: Start your own golden epoch of fine mixology with the top end products from Golden Age.  Also, check out their online library for some great reading.
  • Cocktail Kingdom:  Live in America? Then you can’t possibly have not heard of the fastest growing mixology product supplier.  They even sell ice!
  • Bar Times: A Japanese page for some absolutely gorgeous equipment.  It’s expensive, but I think for many of us, quality doesn’t come with a price tag.
  • Bar Made Korea: Korea is stepping onto the global stage when it comes to mixology, and the best (probably) get their kit here.
  • Bar Bible:  Made in China is not a bad thing when it comes to the selection of gorgeous equipment that this store carries.  Shop online on their TaoBao store, or visit them in their Shanghai outlet!  Naturally, being able to read and speak Mandarin Chinese helps.
  • Bar Supplies .Com: Just starting out? Maybe you want to test the water out first before you blow some serious cash on equipment.  Bar supplies has all the basics and then some for some great prices
  • Kegworks: Perhaps beer is more your thing, or maybe you want to go all in for the home bar.  Kegworks has got all the equipment you need for full furnished wood bars, draught systems, and more

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