Natural Bounty


  • 60ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
  • 20ml Coffee
  • 10ml Cynar
  • 5ml Mirabelle Eau de Vie
  • 5ml Maple Syrup

Place all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, and shake well. Strain out the ice, and shake again to build up a foam. Pour drink into a coupe glass and garnish with a caramel nest that has been dipped in cocoa powder, edible pearls, and an edible violet

This cocktail was inspired by, as the name suggests, the natural resources of Diplomatico’s home country, Venezuela.  Normally, when you think of Venezuela’s natural resources, you might automatically think of oil, or as the colonial Spaniards did, pearls.  But in reality, Venezuela has more to that; the people, the mountains, the forests, the love, the passion, the rum.  This drink was an homage to those, using coffee for example, a product of the Andes Mountains, upon which the Diplomatico distillery sits.

Using eau de vie has been one of my favorite ways of boosting fruit notes of a particular spirit without adding any sweetness or unnecessary body, and in this case, was very useful in accentuationg the dark stone fruit notes that the Reserva Exclusiva had.

Coffee was in this case, the crux of the entire cocktail, as the natural acidity was vital in balancing the heavy and sweet flavours of other ingredients such as Cynar and maple syrup.  It’s bitterness too was also a way to bridge the sweet and bitter flavours, helping the cocktail come together as a whole.

The garnish was a nest of caramel which I shaped into a crescent moon shape, as I did not want it to impede the drinking experience.  During development, I noticed that the caramel did not stand out too well against the white of the coffee foam, so I increased the contrast by dusting the nest with cocoa powder, which simultaneously improved the flavour of the drink as well as solving the problem of the nest being too sticky to handle comfortably.  The sugar pearls were a nod to Venezuela’s colonial past, and the flower a reference to the natural beauty of the land.