Alexander Ko is a graduate of the Boston of University College of Engineering, having received his bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering, and of the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Business and Administration’s MBA program.  He spent 3 years after graduation from Boston Univeristy working for a manufacturer of textiles and garments in branches across Dong Guan, China, and Hong Kong SAR, but nurtured a secret desire to learn about cocktails.

With the extra time he had after work, he began his first service job as a server in W Hotel Hong Kong’s Woobar, where he met his first mentors in the art of mixing.  After a brief stint in a small restaurant in Wanchai, Hong Kong’s closest thing to a red light district, Alex joined Fatty Crab HK, the third branch of the popular New York restaurant founded by Rick Camac and Chef Zakary Pelaccio.

After a few years freelancing at different bars in Hong Kong, he received his first management position at Le Comptoir’s The Ocean, located at Hong Kong’s secluded Repulse Bay

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